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The Parables
This is "The Parables" performed by The Alpha & Omega Theater Co. Inc. The original show is about 50min. It is for children of all ages who have gathered to learn about the Lord's mysterious sayings ...


Catherine L. Clifford

James Guastaferro

Bill Vollinger

Elizabeth McClean

Tina Carrington

Diane & Joe Petro

Sandra & Peter Rose

Pat Pyatt

Diane Massimo

Maria & Donald Sinclair

Fred Martinez

Rita & Tom Monte

Bernadette & Gilbert Santana

James Wethington

Olga Blake

Chris, Jamie, Isaac Guastaferro

The Parables is performed by a troupe of multi-talented performers who begin the show by entering singing, The Traveling Troupe of Thespian Theologizers, Singers, and Circus Company, and doing their particular circus bits while the narration, done by the Leader / pianist, explains how life can be like a 3-ring circus, such as "juggling" our money around to pay our bills, or stepping on people to go higher, keeping our balance so as not to fall ("tight rope"), or speaking harshly to someone (dragon red streamers), or trying to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders ("weight lifting"), or just plain being foolish (slapstick clowning).  Upon viewing these unsuccessful attempts, the Leader tells about how we can learn to overcome these metaphor for life's obstacles in the next song, The Mystery of the Parables, which adds the violin in the accompaniment.  After this, the cast is introduced.
          The Leader tells us why they are here and they then sing, What Is a Parable?, teaching the spelling and meaning of the word.  They then perform the Parable of the Seed Sower followed by a Q & A session.  This is reinforced by the next Country-Style song, The Seed Sower Song, which adds a guitar, and where the children are invited to sing along.
Then comes a brief duet, Pride & Humility where the students get to be the "hands of God" and lift up "Humility" and lower or humble "Pride."  They are reminded that Pride always comes before the fall.
          Next comes the Weeds Among the Wheat, followed by another Q & A.  Then The Mustard Seed is sung by a soloist in a simple Folk style, which also adds guitar and offers the students to sing along again.   The next 3 parables (Hidden Treasure, Costly Pearl, Fish Net) are then narrated and mimed and followed by a brief Q & A session.  Here the audience is invited to ask Jesus into their hearts as well, if they haven't already.
          The cast then goes out into the audience and brings up 5 prearranged children who will dance/move with them to the next song, Lest You Be As Little Children.  The children in the audience are also invited to stand at their seats and move to this Latin-Rock piece as well.  Following this, there is a scene (The Talents) whereby a father's 3 older children are admonished to use the gifts God has given them (singing, acting and dancing) for His glory, but one of them does not, so we  see what transpires.
          In the next song, The Lost Coin sung in a more operatic style, the children are given a chance to count along with the frustrated woman who just wants to buy a new Easter Bonnet, but is missing only ONE coin!
The Birthday Party / Dinner Guests is compared to Jesus' story of the invited dinner guests who refuse to attend, but is put into a modern day version of a young lady who is expecting her best friends to attend her birthday party dinner, but is also disappointed when they don't show up; however, dad has a better solution.
            We then round the show off with the reprise  of The Traveling Troupe / Mystery of the Parable Reprise of what the show is all about and encourage the audience by singing "We pray you'll serve the Lord, there is no great joy!"   This leads into the Finale and bows.


          With the wonderful responses of our latest show, as you can see below, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us (See Contact Us Page). 
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Sts. Philip & James Church, Bronx, NY Performance:
Children's responses
From the 2nd grade teacher, Sr. Mechtilde, who wrote:
"The presentation to the children last Friday was just excellent.  The children enjoyed it immensely.  The costumes, actors held their attention."
From 3rd grade, teacher Ms. Singleton who wrote: (along with the drawing below by 3rd grade students)
"The show was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Educational, entertaining and charming."
From the 4th grade, the students who wrote:
Destiny F: 
         My favorite part in the play was the part in the story when the father was leaving, he asked his children to use their great talents in God's holy way.  I also loved the part when Melanie was singing the song (Seed Sower Song) and she made us sing with her.     11/22/11
Curtis C:
          I liked the way the word "parable" was explained.  They sang and danced.  I liked the show because it teaches parables in a fun way.     11/22/11
Sidunay F:
          I liked that they came in clown costumes.  It made me laugh.  I love when the girl rode the unicycle and when the boy rode the pogo stick.  I like when they spelled the word parable.  I loved the whole show.     11/22/11
Tyra N:
          I remember when the show started with a girl doing the cartwheel, another girl riding a unicycle, and a  boy was on a pogo stick.  It was an exciting entrance.  My favorite part is the way to get closer to God.  I liked the fact that they came wearing clown costumes.  It made me laugh and it made it easier to listen.     11/28/11
Candice K:
          I liked that they were dressed as clowns and acrobat.  Even if  I do not know them, they made me feel comfortable.  They taught about Jesus by singing and dancing.  I love to hear about Jesus.  I hope they can do another show.     11/28/11
From the 5th grade teacher who wrote:
"The children in Grade 5 thoroughly enjoyed the show-The music and acrobats impressed them and held their attention while teaching them about the parables."

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